Simple, but at times not the easiest mantra to adhere to. There is no doubt I have so much in my life to be grateful for. Being born in the US, as a white, middle-class, male would all but guarantee I will have access to all I could ever need to live a fulfilling life.

My youth was spent growing up in a very loving household, one with its foundation set in the Lutheran church. Approaching life with grace, and humility, was not a birthright, but rather something I was fortunate to cultivate through my teenage years. Throughout high school, and into college, quite a few did there best to take advantage of these virtues I held so dear. It wasn't until I broke away from the "traditional" path that I fully started to build my life of service. Whether it be in a clinical setting, or a sport setting, I aimed to offer my whole entire being to those I was entrusted to serve. This worked all the way up until I stopped taking care of myself. After a major battle with a staph infection, I started building a service program for myself. I was still able to serve others, it was now not in spite of myself but in addtion.

While I know its not practical to think everyone can offer unconditional gratitude, it is my life goal to pursue this endeavor. Ideally this pursuit will be one that allows for my own self-preservation.

Giving thanks (Thanksgiving) shouldn't be confined to one day out of every year. It should be the mindset that guides the art of life.

Peace and love to all.

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