It seems I forgot to heed my own advice last year. If you break away from your current job, and pursue your passions, the life you truly want to live will await you. I kept telling myself, my wife, and my family this was my path, the part about passions, that is. I think many of us, in our own mind, truly believe breaking away from our current vocation is as easy as saying it aloud. While that might be the first step, and one that is needed, the second step (breaking away) requires much more effort.

Is it that the passions I thought I was pursuing weren't a strong enough motivator for me to move on? It is hard to say, and something I struggle with on a daily basis. Photography is a passion, fitness is a passion, mentoring others is a passion, outdoor therapy is a passion, conservation is a passion. Combining them into one singular passion would seem simple, but as of yet it eludes me.

My hope is that in putting it in writing on my blog, it will motivate me to take the next step in my career evolution. Time will tell.

Time to get outside and play!

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