Growing up in Wisconsin often meant that I had the pleasure of a white Christmas. When I moved to North Carolina, the chances were less likely, but there was still the possibilty. Now in New Zealand, and the Southern Hemisphere, this is highly unlikely (unless I was on a glacier in Aoraki NP). It is a little strange to have summer-like temps, and so much daylight, but I think I could get used to a warm Christmas. The one thing missing is family. I have a feeling they would all enjoy a Christmas in the Deep South, as well.

The photo below is from a recent sunset chaser I had in Dunedin. The wind helped add a little extra drama to a nicely diffused sun. Who would have thought a kid from the Midwest would love Christmas at the beach. Definitely not this one from the Wisconsin.

Even if it's -20F, always remember to get outside and play!!


Sony A7RII - 70-200 2.8

1/80 | f11 | ISO 100 | 70mm