Lunch breaks, in my old job, were often taken while sitting in front of a computer, sorting through emails. When I moved to Dunedin, this habit found its way over with me. For some reason I kept thinking that this is how it must be, there is definitely no other way to actually enjoy a lunch break. Well, as often is the case, I was completely wrong. There is no doubt that there are far better ways to spend a lunch with none of them being an indoor choice.

The photo below was taken on a recent lunch break my wife and I took to hike up to the top of Mt Cargill. This is from one of my new favortie viewpoints, Butters Peak. I highly recommend, if ever in Dunedin, to hike to both of these beauties.

Even if your computer is calling, take time to get outside and play!


Sony A7RII - 24-70 2.8

1/400 | f8 | ISO 250 | 24mm

Edit: LR & PS