The title isn't meant to sound somber, or sad, just a reflection on what we must do at times to truly find out what we want out of life. We can't have our partners, parents, or friends tell us who we are or what are goals are in life. Those expectations should be left to you, and you alone. I feel very fortunate to be living the life I am today, but feel it wouldn't be as fulfilling as it is had I not had to walk some seriously dark paths on my own. Knowing first hand what the depths of depression feel like, I can honestly say those were the years that formed the resilience I have today. I will say, however, that I should have done a better job of seeking out professional help early on, for the recovery process would have been much shorter. Alas, I was a young twenty-something who thought he knew more than he really did. What I believe this experience provided for me was the ability to empathize with others, and truly listen when someone is reaching out for help.

Photography, for me, has turned into a therapeutic endeavor and I wish I would have had this artistic outlet in my younger years. I guess it's better late than never. The picture below is a true representation of the joy being out in the mountains can provide one's soul. I do find these hikes for more enjoyable with my wife, and adventure buddy, Angela. While the emersive experience of being on one's own is an introspective journey good for most everyone, being with partners and friends is the meaning of true happiness.

As always, remember to get ouside and play!!!