Life-changing transitions are usually marked by fear, and a sense of uncertainty. Having just moved across the world, from Dunedin, New Zealand to North Carolina, I can say those are two of the more overwhelming emotions. Sadness and anger can be included in there as well.

More on the big move to come, but first, a photo from my trip across the country, back in January. If figured if I was moving back to the East Coast I might as well make the trip worthwhile. I flew across the Pacific, landed in San Francisco, immediately boarded a plane for Portland, and started my journey from there.

Below is a photo from my journey. It was taken just after leaving the National Bison Range, which is an hour north of Missoula. A beautiful part of the US once inhabited by great numbers of the Bitterroot SalishKtunaxa and Pend d'Oreilles Native American tribes. Their presence is still felt in Montana today, but not to the same extent it was two centuries ago.


montana mountains-03-Jan2018 (1 of 1).jpg