A little over 3 years ago my wife, Angela, was offered an opportunity to pursue a PhD in physiotherapy at the University of Otago. After many months of deliberation, we decided to make the leap, and move across the world to New Zealand. Both of us left our jobs, and families, behind to pursue this dream of Angela's.

Fast forward 3 years, and we have just reached the milestone we set out to conquer. Angela has completed her PhD! What a boss! There was never any doubt in my mind she was going to finish on time, though she may have had her reservations, at times. We both walked her bound manuscripts to the clock tower building, and dropped them off. She was given chocolate fish, and two posters, in return. What a fantastic accomplishment. I couldn't be more proud of Angela and the effort she put forth during her time at Uni Otago. Not only was she a dilligent student, she was also my insta-model and adventure buddy!

We have both agreed, this move was the best decision of our 8-year relationship. There have been so many barriers unlocked by this undertaking, and we lived in another country for 3 years! New Zealand will remain a part of us forever.

The moral of this story, follow your dreams no matter how grandiose, or out of reach.

Peace and love.


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