Often when I look up at the night sky I think back to old Star Trek movies, and how wondrous they made space travel appear. Moving between galaxies, interacting with alien life forms, and exploring the 'great beyond'. What young kid wouldn't want to be a part of those endeavors.

When shooting astrophotography I am filled with that same sense of wonderment, and intrigue. Until we find a way to travel at the speed of light, this will most likely be the only way to experience other worlds in their most raw form. Then again, if Elon Musk has his way, there is a chance we could be colonizing Mars before the end of my lifetime.

Focus on where your feet are planted now, but don't forget to look up and dream about where life could take you. Often celestial bodies can help remind us that our hopes do not have to be bound to a terrestrial mindset.

Thankful for each day on this beautiful blue pearl we call Earth. Peace, and love, to all my fellow earthlings.


Sony A7ii - 16-35 f4

20sec | f4 | ISO 6400 | 17mm