This beautiful planet we call home, offers us so many joys. The water we surf is just one of those treasures most take for granted. If we assume someone else will take up the call of protecting the places we hold sacred, most likely those places won't exist, as they once did, for much longer.

Natural beauty surrounds us in New Zealand, with some of the most beautiful mountain lanscapes just a 3-hour drive away. The east coast of the South Island is also home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Instead of going off on a long rant about how global warming will adversely affect these natural wonders, I am going to just make a simple request. Stop and think about how you live your daily life. Most likely, if their is room for improvement you will find it quite easily. In the end, my hope is that this extra thought about "the world" will help you consume less. By consuming less, we can hope to take pressure off the earth's finite resources. If we do this now, there will stil be some left for future generations (I hope!).

By all means go out and enjoy every wonder this amazing planet has to offer. Please just be mindful of how you treat it when you're done playing.


Sony A7rII - 24-70 2.8

1/160 | f9.0 | ISO 125 | 53mm