Often those two words, peace and highway, do not co-exist. Well, in New Zealand, the land of enchantment, anything is possible.

The number of times I have passed through this same stretch, without a photo, was approximately 100%. That is, up until a week ago. It was getting late, and my mind was focused on getting home before I fell asleep at the wheel. This would have gone as planned had I not passed through Cromwell just as the sun was setting. Watching this scene unfold in front of my eyes was quite exhilirating, but it was also frustrating. You see, those driving towards Alexandra (from Cromwell) have zero places to stop along the highway. I did what any photography would have done, cross over the center line and park on the other side. This might not be the safest idea, but during the time I was shooting (5 minutes, max) I didn't see a single car.

What you see below is the result of 2 years of contemplation. Hoping to be back here again, and soon, to take some proper photos.

Keep on making those great photos(and getting outside, as well)!


Sony A7RII - 24-70 2.8

1/40 | f2.8 | ISO 1000 | 32mm