When I make my way out to photograph the stars, I am always in awe of what I see when I look toward the sky. There are too many stars to count, many of which may have gone dormant long ago. While shooting I do my best to stay in the present, and be as much a part of the surroundings as I can. Though, when staring at the star-filled sky long enough, I can't help but think about the those distant stars, and galaxies, and where they are in their lifecycle. The light I am seeing could be from decades ago, but it is just now reaching earth. I then think about the stage of life of our home star, the sun. It has a finite life, but when will it cease supporting life on Earth? There are so many things I can be thankful for, the sun being there for us each day has to be number one. Without it, there is no life on this beautiful blue gem.

Sony A7r2 - Sony G-Master 24-70